Apianlahti Prices

Cottages and Accommodations
From 1.6 - 31.8 Midsummer Day / Työväen musiikkitapahtuma ( Thu - Sun )
6 person cabin 170€/night or 900€/week Thu - Sun: 600€ or 220€/night
4 person cabin, large 85€/night or 470€/week Thu - Sun: 300€ or 120€/night
4 person cabin, small 60€/night or 330€/week Thu - Sun: 240€ or 85€/night
2 person room 40€/night Thu - Sun: 140€ or 60€/night

The reservation starts on arrival day at 15:00 and ends on departure day at 12:00 noon.

Our accomodations have pillows and blankets. Please note that bedsheets, pillowcases and quilt covers are not included in the base fee, but you can rent them at 12€ per set. If one uses the bed without them, they will be billed for the washing of the pillows and blankets.


Pets can stay with you for the duration of your visit with a single fee. The amount of pets is not limited.

6 person cottage: (cottages 5 & 6) – 20€

4 person cottage – 15€

2 person room – 15€


If the cabins aren’t cleaned upon departure, we will charge a 150€ cleaning fee. If there are any shortages or other observations, we ask that you notify the staff about them as soon as possible.

Midsummer and Työväen musiikkitapahtuma:

We charge a 50% advance payment, that has to be paid 1 month before staying with us at the latest.

Camping- and person fees (camper, caravan, tent, boat)
From 1.6 - 31.8 Midsummer / Työväen musiikkitapahtuma
Camper or Caravan 17€ /day Tent/Boat 30€ /night
Discount with SF-Caravan and Camping Key 2€ /day Caravan 30€ /night
Person fee Adult / Child 6€ / 3€ Caravan fee includes electricity if you don't have air conditioning
Electricity without the meter5€ /night Fee will base on consumption if you have air conditioning
With your own meter0,50€ /kwh
Please note that during the winter 16.9.-14.4. the camping fee is 40€/night, including electricity and a maximum of 4 people.
Other prices
Service / product Hourly Daily
Lakeside Sauna (for our guests) 30€ -
Rowboat 10€ 50€
Kayak 12€ 50€
Bicycle 10€ 40€
Fat bike 14€ 50€
Sup board 14€ 50€

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